Tuesday, March 19, 2019

What are the differences between Java 6, Java 7, Java 8 and Java 9?Is it better

What area unit the variations between Java vi, Java 7, Java eight and Java 9?

Just aiming to bit on some highlights on every version.

Java 6

Features added:

- Support for older win9x versions dropped.

- Scripting lang support: Generic API for integration with scripting languages, & built-in Mozilla javascript rhino integration

- dramatic production enhancements for the core platform, and swing.

- Improved net service support through JAX-WS JDBC four.0 support

- Java compiler API: AN API permitting a java program to pick and invoke a java compiler programmatically.

- Upgrade of JAXB to version a pair of.0: together with the integration of a Stax computer programme.

- Support for pluggable annotations

- many computer programme enhancements, like an integration of swingworker within the API, table sorting and filtering, and true swing double-buffering (eliminating the gray-area effect).

Small improvements in existing libraries. No new features

Java 7

- Upgrade class-loader architecture: A method that frees the underlying resources, such as open files, held by a URLClassLoader

- Concurrency and collections updates: a light-weight fork/join framework, versatile and reusable synchronization barriers, transfer queues, simultaneous joined double-ended queues, and thread-local pseudo-random variety generators.

elliptic curve encryption (new)

improvement in existing concurrency libraries

abstract filesystem API (new)

diamond operator (new)

Java 8

lambda expressions (new)

Java 9

changes to the garbage collector

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