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In the  chapter, we have a tendency to created a Java file referred to as, and that we used the subsequent code to print "Hello World" to your screen:

public class MyClass


Example explained:
Every line of code that runs in Java should be within a category. In our example, we named the class MyClass. A class should begin with associate degree majuscule 1st letter.

Note: Java is case-sensitive: "MyClass" and "my class" has a different meaning.

The name of the java file should match the category name. When saving the file, reserve it exploitation the category name and add ".java" to the end of the filename. To run the instance higher than on your pc, make certain that Java is correctly installed: visit the start Chapter for a way to put in Java. The output should be:
Hello World
The main Method
The main() methodology is needed and you'll see it in each Java program:
public static void main(String[] args)
Any code within the main() methodology is dead. You don't perceive the keywords before and once main. You will get to grasp them bit by bit whereas reading this tutorial.
For now, simply bear in mind that each Java program contains a category name that should match the computer filename and that every program must contain the main() method.
Inside the main() methodology, we will use the println() methodology to print a line of text to the screen:

public static void main(String[] args)

Does JavaScript use an equivalent basic syntax as Java?
That depends on what you mean by “basic” syntax. They each use curled braces to delimit blocks, () because the call operator, commonplace + - / * operators, . operator for property access, then forth. therein means, they're each “basically” C-style languages.

Is the name JavaScript dishonorable, starting with "Java"?

Yes, and deliberately thus. JavaScript wasn't really supported Java in any means, and their similarities, as so much as they are going, square measure strictly a result of their common C-style syntax heritage. The name JavaScript was chosen expressly as a promoting plan of action to ride on the coat-tails of Java, that was massively promoted and extremely widespread at the time, despite being a very unrelated language.
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