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Top FIVE Awesome Idea to Learn JAVA Programming:-

Java is one of the best programming languages ever made, and I am not saying this because I am a passionate Java developer, but Java has proven it in the past 20 years. Two decades is a great time for any programming language, and Java has gained strength on every passing day. Although Java development slows down many times, Java has given a good response. Prior to Java 5, performance improvements with Java 6, performance improvements in Java 8, Functional programming using Longo Expressions in Java 8, and Google's preferred language for Android app development, Java front -Keeps in the form of a line. Programming Language.

Many computer science graduates often ask me, who is the best programming language to start with? What language should I start with? Should I learn java Or will I start with dragon etc?

Well, it depends on the definition of your best programming language, if it is popular, then Java is outsourced to everyone, even C, which has been around for almost 50 years.

If it is in terms of job opportunities, then Java outsources to everyone again. You can get opportunities for tons of jobs by learning the Java programming language, you can develop core Java-based server-side applications, J2EE web and enterprise applications, and even go for Android-based mobile application development. Are.

So if you are not coming from C and C ++ backgrounds, and want to learn your first programming language, then I would recommend choosing Java.

In this article, I will share the list of my reasons, and why you should learn Java programming and I think why Java is the best programming language.

Btw, if you have already made up your mind on learning Java and are just looking for the best resource to resume, then I suggest that you join the full Java Master class at Udai. One of the most up-to-date and comprehensive courses for learning Java. It was recently updated for Java 11 too.

1) Learning Java is easy:
Many people will be surprised to see one of the top reasons to learn Java or consider it as the best programming language, but this is it. If you have a strong learning curve, it will be difficult to be productive in a short time, which is the case with most professional projects.

Java is fluent English like syntax with minimal magic characters. Generic angle bracket, which makes reading Java programs easier and easier to learn.

Once a programmer is familiar with initial barriers with installing JDK and setting up of PATH and understands how Classpath works, it is very easy to write programs in Java.

2) Java is an Object Oriented Programming Language:
Another reason, which made Java popular, is the Object Oriented Programming Language. Developing an OOP application is very easy, and it also helps keep the system modular, flexible and extensible.

Once you have the knowledge of key OOP concepts like Abstraction, Encapsulation, Polymorphism, and Inheritance, you can use them all with Java. Java is a symbol of many best practices and design patterns in your library.

Java is one of the few people in the 100% OOP programming language. Java also encourages the use of SOLID and object-oriented design principles as open-source projects, such as Spring, which ensure that your object dependency is managed well using the Dependency Injection Principle.

3) Java has a rich API:
Another reason for the great success of the Java programming language is the Rich Rich API, and most importantly it is highly visible due to it's coming with Java installation.

When I first started Java programming, I used to code Applets and in those days Applets offers great animation capability, which surprises new programmers like us, which are used to code in the Turbo C ++ editor is done.

Java provides I / O, networking, utilities, XML parsing, database connection and APIs for almost everything. What is left is covered by open source libraries like Apache Commons, Google Guava, Jackson, Gone, Apache Poi, and others.

You can see my post-20 Essential Open Source Library for Java programmers, which should be known to useful Java developers.

4) Powerful development tools eg. Eclipse, NetBeans:
Believe it or not, Excel and Netbeans have played a major role in making Java one of the best programming languages. Coding in the IDE is a pleasure, especially if you have code in DOS Editor or Notepad.

Not only do they help to complete the code, but also provide a powerful debugging capability, which is essential for the development of the real world. Integrated Development Environment (IDE) made Java development very easy, fast and fluent. Using IDE to find code, reflexes and easy to read.

In addition to the IDE, there are many other tools in Java platform like. Maven and ANT for the creation of Java applications, Jenkins, Decompiler, Jaconolas, Visual VM for continuous integration and distribution, etc. for monitoring the use of heap.

You can also see my posts 10 essential tools to learn more about Java programmers used in day-to-day life.

5) Great collection of open source libraries:
Open source libraries ensure that Java is used everywhere. Apache, Google, and other organizations have contributed a lot of great libraries, making Java development easier, faster, and cost-effective.

There are settings like Spring, Straits, Maven, which ensure that Java development software adheres to the best practices of craftsmanship, promotes the use of design patterns and helps Java developers to work there.

I always recommend searching for functionality in Google before writing my code. There is a good chance that it has already been coded, tested and ready for use.
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