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Method overloading in Java Program

Method overloading in Java Program:

Method overloading in Java Program:
If a category has multiple ways having a similar name however completely different in parameters, it's called technique Overloading.

Method Overloading could be a feature that enables a category to own 2 or additional ways having a similar name if their argument lists area unit completely different.

Method overloading or operator overloading could be a method through that you'll outline 2 or additional ways with a similar name within the same category.

When we write 2 ways in a very category with a similar name however with completely different no. of parameters then we will say that the tactic may be overladen.

If a taxonomic group (child category) has a similar technique as declared within the parent class, it's called technique paramount in Java.

In different words, If taxonomic group provides the particular implementation of the tactic that has been provided by one among its parent category, it's called technique paramount.

Suppose you have got to perform addition of the given variety however there may be any number of arguments, if you write the tactic like associate (int, int) for 2 parameters, and b(int, int, int) for 3 parameters then it should be troublesome for you additionally as different programmers to grasp the behavior of the tactic as a result of its name differs.

Method overloading will increase the readability of the program.
Method overloading in Java Program

Usage of Java technique paramount

Method paramount is employed to supply a selected implementation of a technique that's already provided by its taxon.

Method paramount is employed for runtime polymorphism

Rules for Java technique paramount

a method should have a similar name as within the parent category

the method should have a similar parameter as within the parent category.
must be IS-A relationship (inheritance).

Example :

Class AreaCalculator

public int area(int x, int y)

public int area(int x,int y,int z)


In the on top of example we will say that technique space may be overladen, because the technique name is same however the no. of parameters is completely different.
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