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What are some tricks to learn Java quickly?

What are some tricks to learn Java quickly?

If you have chosen Java, your question could be re-framed to something like: "What is the best way to learn Java decently?"

Do you already know any other programming language? Is it object-oriented? If yes, your learning path can be smoother.

Java has a bigger learning curve. It's a complete platform with an enormous API[1] and loads of details. As you've got reduced your state of affairs to humanoid, I suppose you could organize your studies this way:
Understand the basics of packages, classes, and methods. These 3 concepts by themselves have a lot of details and best practices;

OOP (Object Oriented Programming):
 [2] - This is an important aspect so you can write legible and maintainable code;
Collections are an important aspect of the language you must learn;
Adopting humanoid, you'll have to understand a bit about inner classes and events. For example: to handle buttons actions;
Start reading Android API.
For humanoid, I think four main ideas can offer you a simplified overview: Activity, Intent, Services, and Interface building.
I've instructed some students a way to write terribly basic humanoid apps. Some of them had no plan what Java was. An eight-hour category gave them an obscure plan of OOP and also the main options of the language, so they could develop some Android code.
Java is additionally one amongst those programs that you just sometimes transfer instantly, once a sale of a replacement pc – I’m virtually certain whether or not anyone ships Java as a default program within the operating system. Its history with security problems isn't one amongst the foremost pleasant, but for the most part, it has made the language as mature as it is.

From laptops to datacenters, game consoles to scientific supercomputers, cell phones to the Internet, Java is everywhere!
What are some tricks to learn Java quickly?

97% of Enterprise Desktops Run Java

89% of Desktops (or Computers) in the U.S. Run Java

9 Million Java Developers Worldwide

#1 Choice for Developers

#1 Development Platform

3 Billion Mobile Phones Run Java

100% of Blu-ray Disc Players Ship with Java

5 Billion Java Cards in Use

125 million TV devices run Java

5 of the highest five Original instrumentation makers Ship Java Maine
as we will see with the on top of statistics, the Java programming language is very sought after, and there is definitely a big market for it.

[First three months] Best thanks to learning Java - as a beginner

The Java language is easy to be told if you perceive OOPS ideas.
To start with reading additional regarding Object directed programming ideas; the OOPS concepts are terribly straightforward after you extremely relate with time period objects and committal to writing are simple if you understand OOPS terms.

Study about Class and Object.
Write additional real life-examples regarding category and Object (Ex. Human category, John Object, Tree Class, Mango tree object… etc).
Study more about the interface, superclass, and inheritance.

Write more real life-examples about Interface, Super Class and Subclass (Ex. Language is an interface, English is a class implements language, English grammar is a subclass derived from the English language).

Study about abstraction and encapsulation.

Write more real-life examples of abstraction and encapsulation.

Explore other OO terms with real-life examples.

Download latest JDK from Oracle’s website.

Write a simple Java program.

Start reading regarding ways and constructors in an exceedingly Java category.
Now begin functioning on Java SE books and do additional programs.
Study additional regarding Java Package structure, API documents, and other fundamental concepts.
Once you're snug with basic ideas, begin functioning on tiny assignment and apply your programming skills.
Download open supply Java applications or program examples on the net and run it on your system.
Explore more programs and develop small projects
[Next three months] Best thanks to learning Java - as an intermediate software engineer
The Java platforms are organized supported their usage and that they are:
Java SE for desktop development
Java EE for web-based enterprise application development
Java ME for mobile application development
The core classes/interfaces needed for all platforms are mentioned in Java SE, thus do additional concentrate on these genus Apis. The latest Java SE version additional ton additional new ideas and it'll be sensible to update in these areas.
Keep watching Oracle’s JCP about the new changes
Refer to Oracle’s blog/free tutorials and study new challenges
“According to Oracle Corporation, over 30,000 organizations had become Fusion Middleware customers, including over 35 of the world's 50 largest companies.
The other massive player is IBM conjointly mistreatment Java. The rest of the market is taken by Microsoft. Java is widely utilized in the bank sector, financial sector, military, governments, army. ”
So to be an honest Java skilled, you must know Java EE programming. In Java electrical engineering you want to be sensible within the following areas:
Java EE Web Component development using JSF, Servlets, and JSPs
Java EE Business Tier development using EJB
Java electrical engineering Integration Tier development mistreatment JPA, Web Services
[Next three months] Best thanks to learning Java - as a consultant software engineer
The Java applications are developed mistreatment patterns and frameworks. There are many open supply frameworks offered for Java electrical engineering development.
Read this article: Java electrical engineering Enterprise Application tiers information for OCMJEA Certification - MyExamCloud
Study more about Java design patterns
Study more about Java EE design patterns
Study additional regarding open supply frameworks like Spring, Struts, Hibernate
Study UML diagrams
Download sample Java EE projects
Analyze the code and begin characteristic the framework/patterns used
Improve application server skills and tuning skills
[Next Steps] Best thanks to learning Java - Take Oracle Java Certifications
The Oracle Java Certification programs are already designed to satisfy the on top of necessities by taking Java SE or Java electrical engineering certifications.
Please note that this answer is for Core JAVA
1) For a student who is learning java for the first time
- Start learning with simple toy programs to understand Program structure, package structure, datatypes, the scope of variables in different packages.

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