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What are the technologies a Java developer must know?

What are the technologies a Java developer must know?


Every Java Developer ought to grasp the subsequent core java ideas -

OOPs ideas
Abstract categories and Interfaces
File IO and publishing
Collections - List, Map, Set
Access Specifiers
Exceptions - Checked, Unchecked
Java Keywords - Static, Final, volatile, synchronic, transient, this super, etc.
JVM and Memory Management
Multithreading and Synchronization
Design Pattern
If he desires to be a network / distributed application developer, he ought to grasp the subsequent technologies

Interface genus Apis - JMS, JDBC
ORMs - EJB ( Session Beans, Entity beans, MDB's ), Hibernate
If he desires to be an online developer, he ought to grasp

Servlets / filters / Interceptors
Architectures - n Tier, MVC
Web Frameworks like Struts / Spring
Service directed design/internet Services ( nonmandatory for SOA developers )
Web Technologies like hypertext mark-up language, CSS, Javascript, and JQuery
Front End frameworks like JSF, Angular, Vue, React, Ext Js and Dojo if being employed as full stack developer.
Markup Languages like XML and JSON.
If he desires to be a UI developer, he ought to grasp

Frameworks like Swing, SWT, AWT, Java Fx
Every Java Developer is predicted to possess info data thus he ought to grasp -

Database Drivers
Normalization / Denormalization
SQL Queries - Inner Outer Joins, Group By, Having
Stored Procedures

You can’t probably grasp all the Java technologies out there as a result of no company can offer you an opportunity to. One company can swear by the Spring framework whereas alternative firms like LinkedIn have affected and are into the PlayFramework.

However, let Maine offer you an inventory of ten technologies which will continually pitch you previous your competition notwithstanding the corporate.

10 Skills which will cause you to a good Java Developer:

What are the technologies a Java developer must know

At least one MVC Framework like JSF, Play framework, Struts, or Spring MVC

Hibernate or JPA for databases

Dependency Injection (@Resource)

SOAP-based internet Services (JAX-WS)

Some build tool (Ant, Maven, etc.)

JUnit (or alternative Unit Testing framework)

Version management principally so-and-so


The application server/container configuration management and application preparation (whether it's WebSphere, Tomcat, JBoss, etc. you would like to understand wherever your application runs and the way to enhance its execution)

Case #1: Java lowerclassman in Desktop Application or Console primarily based App development

Get comfy writing OO ideas within the following areas:

Abstract category


Inheritance (extending classes)

Implementing interfaces

Polymorphism (method preponderating in subclasses)

Class style (constructors vs. methods, this vs. super, methodology overloading, creator overloading)

Core Java ideas

Java primitive varieties (char, byte, int, long, double, float and boolean)

Primitive Wrapper categories (Character, Byte, Integer, Long, Double, Float, and Boolean)

Auto-boxing and unboxing (primitive to primitive wrapper object and primitive wrapper object to primitive)

String category strategies (length(), split(), replaceAll(), substring(), charAt()… etc)

StringBuilder category

StringBuffer category

Java Threads (Thread vs. Runnable)

Java Conditional Statements

Java Loops (for associate degree increased for loop, while, do/while, switch)\

Exception Handling

Java arrays and Java Collections (useful for swap/search)

Java Collections (Vector, ArrayList, HashMap…. etc)

JDBC basics (simple JDBC driver affiliation example)

Java Date/Time basic skills

Java IO and Java NIO skills

Desktop App Development Skills

Get comfy writing Java code mistreatment Swing/AWT parts.
Few firms might use Java FX for desktop App development, to enhance your talent during this space if your company needs it.
Java internet begins development skills.

Java JAR file created with the main category.
Latest Java version skills

Get comfy writing Java code mistreatment the most recent API changes. If you're already sensible at Java, it's urged to find out the most recent packages/API changes. you will come back to understand that associate degree older version ten lines of code may be simplified by simply one or two lines mistreatment the most recent classes/methods.

Case #2: Java electrical engineering lowerclassman in internet Application or Enterprise App development

Study well on all Case #1 skills except desktop App development.

Java electrical engineering Development Skills

Application/Web Server Skills (Tomcat/Glassfish)

Get comfy writing Java Servlets

Get comfy writing JSP pages

HTML basic skills (required for JSP page development)

Basic theory data regarding EJB (Stateless Session Bean, Stateful Session Bean, Singleton Session Bean, and Message Driven Bean)
What is JPA? (Just browse few lines regarding JPA for interview preparation. you'll improve JPA & EJB skills later once obtaining expertise in Java electrical engineering internet part development)
The necessary areas one should grasp for Job Interviews are:

Core Java ideas (you will expect these queries even once four years)
OO ideas (try to develop sensible expertise of these concepts associate degreed impress by writing code ahead of an interviewer)
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