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What's the future of Java and the Java community?

What's the future of Java and the Java community?

Future of Java?? Gosshhhhh… What a Question? There includes a long future previous Java Programming. As the latest survey says Java is #1 common language in 2017 and currently in 2018 conjointly.

Being honest…. I can't see any serious challenger of Java on the horizon.
Latest New & Facts about Future of Java-

#1. Oracle, frequently releasing new features of Java.

#2. In every 6 months, JDK will release its updations.

#3. Java 9 and Java 10 are released under this new schedule (2 updates coming).

#4. In 2020, Java 8 will end.

#5. After Java 8 die, JDK 11 and JDK 17 will release (most probably in 2021).

#6. The latest trends in market embrace interchangeability, i.e Java was ready for a partnership with others to expand the Java community.

#7. Soon, Java can come back up with improved API integration and support, libraries, Framework, containers, and mobile devices.

#8. From several surveys, it's clear that Java and JavaScript area unit the leaders of all committal to the writing world.

#9. In India Java Programmer salary has become very lucrative.

10. Companies using Java, by country:

US - 64807 Companies
India - 11138 Companies
UK - 9985 Companies
Canada - 6083 Companies
France - 5211 Companies
Brazil - 4361 Companies
If Java can don't die thus its community will not die.
What's the future of Java and the Java community

Second Opinion of this Question:

What's the future of Java and the Java community?

Java is like our Grandparents. They worked damn exhausting to provide your folks and you a decent and comforting life. Now, your folks grew and evolved thanks to the right enrichment by your grandparents and area unit operating their asses off to provide you a bright future. In the coming future, you would start working hard too. But the experience and knowledge of your grandparents are deep routed in every sector.
And you know, Who gives the best advice of Life? Right?
Similarly, Java has been helping the IT industry in all possible ways. Now, languages and technologies like Scala, Spring, Kotlin, etc., area unit ruling the trade for currently. In the returning future, there will be new programming languages who would try replacing these as well. But you will always stick to the base that Java has created in every sector of the IT industry.
But, Java is that the base of the IT stack shown below.
Try removing the base
And the whole stack will come crashing down.
There is an enormous hustle once the grand success of Programming Languages like Python, Scala, R, Kotlin, etc. but you can not ignore or outnumber the Applications of Java so soon.
During the 1984 presidential dialogue, President Reagan was asked if, at age 73, he was too old to be President. His response was, "I will not make age an issue of this campaign. I am not getting to exploit, for political purposes, my opponent's youth and inexperience.” This was funny because it was true … with age comes wisdom.
After 2014, Oracle has discharged a brand new version – Java nine with astonishing new options like – REPL JShell, Modularity, Factory methods for Collections, etc. in September 2017. Oracle has also planned to release new Java versions with new features every six months. Its next release (Java 18.3) is expected on March 18.
Thus, Oracle has tested that Java isn't happening anytime sooner.
As well as, watching the market share of the robot and different Java frameworks like Spring, Hibernate, Spring Boot, etc. I don't suppose Java goes to make up the decline.
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