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Why Java is important to learn properly

Why Java is important to learn properly?

Why Java is important to learn properly:-

Java is English: Java is a Pure Object-Oriented Programming Language. At present, it is not only used in computers but also in Cell Phones, Mobiles, PDAs, etc. Also in this Programming Language, such application software can be made very easily, which can connect different types of electronic devices and make communication with each other.

Java is actually a very large Programming Language, so the Java company has divided it into several parts, so that the category from which the programmers develop related software, they only need to know about Java-related to that category.

But in all these parts of Java, a part of Java is commonly used and that part of Java is called Core Java.

In addition to the core Java, the different types of Java which are separated into different parts to meet the needs, those individual parts are called Advance Java in one word. Java is basically divided into three parts-

Why Java is important to learn properly:-

Java Micro Edition (J2ME)

Java Standard Edition (J2SE)

Java Enterprise Edition (J2EE)

There are many other divisions in these three parts of Java, which have been done keeping in mind the different types of needs.
Why Java is important to learn properly

Why Java is important to learn properly-

The biggest feature of Java is its Portability and Security. That is, the program developed for one device in Java can be run on any other device without recompilation. While Java does not permit any device hardware to be directly accessed, Java is, therefore, more secure than other Compiler based Programming languages ​​such as "C", "C ++".

Also, learning Java is easier than other Programming Languages. That is why 17 years after Java came into the market, there is a lot of demand for Java even today, while during this time Microsoft has changed its Programming Technologies several times and finally adopting the same method of Java. Development, which is almost entirely like Java.

Due to these features of Java, Microsoft Company launched .NET which is almost 70% similar to Java. That is, if you learn Java well, then understand that you have also learned 70% .NET.

Java is not only on Computer but everywhere. Let us try to know, where and how Java is used to meet the requirements.

Java GUI

In Java, we can create a very easily manageable GUI application, which does not depend on any operating system and computer architecture and can be run on any kind of device. Whereas the GUI to be created in other Programming Languages ​​has to be made separately for different types of Computer Architecture and Operating System.

Java with oracle

Java easily integrates with Oracle and is very useful for developing a very high-level database application.

Java applet

Java apps are Java programs that are embedded in the Web Browser and run in the Web Browser of the user's computer. Applets are fully Full Web Programs, which run on the user's computer's JRE ie Java Virtual Machine.

We can easily convert any desktop application of Java to Java Applet and any Java Applet to Java Application very easily. Due to this feature of Java, there is no need to create two different programs for both Desktop and Web Pages.


Just as Java Extends the Capabilities of Web Pages as seen in the Applets Client-Side Web Browser, the Servlets Server Extends the Capabilities of the Side Web Host. That is, Servlets are fully Server Oriented, and together with JSP meet the requirements related to making Web Pages Dynamic on the Server Side.

JSP (Java Server Pages)

Like PHP and ASP, JSP is also a Server Side Scripting Language, which is completely Java only. That is if you learn Java, then to create Dynamic Websites you do not need to learn any server-side scripting language like PHP or ASP, because we can create Dynamic Websites, in the same way, using Java's JSP Part. The way we do use scripting languages ​​like ASP or PHP.

J2EE (Java 2 Enterprise Edition)

Since Java is commonly used to handle a lot of data and by a large number of companies, they use their data in different ways in different ways and develop different types of new software.

As a result, this part of Java has been specially developed to convert a very large amount of data from one form to another and transfer it from one application to another. Generally, this part of Java needs to represent data in XML form and convert from one form to another.

J2ME (Java 2 Micro Edition)

Generally, this part of Java is also called Java 2 Mobile Edition because this part of Java caters to the requirements of software designed for Telecommunication. This version of Java fulfills the requirements related to applications made for cell phones, mobile tracking systems, PDA devices.

At present, almost all major mobile companies support Java and provide various types of Java-Based Library Kit to facilitate the development of application software, games, etc. for their mobile devices.

Google has also developed an open-source operating system called Android for mobile devices using Java with Linux Kernel, which is currently quite popular and almost all the big companies have mobile devices for this Android platform. , Tablets, etc. Not only this, various types of Video Games and Complex Networking and Distributed Applications are also developed in Java.

Java is also used in devices related to MP3 Players, Digital TVs, Videos, 3D Animation, etc. while ARM-Based Processors support Java up to Hardware Level. The "Java" language was developed around 1995 and almost 17 years later, this language is being used to cater to a wide range of needs. That is why even today it is taught in High-Level Courses up to O-Level, A-Level, B-Level and M-Tech Level authorized by BCA, PGDCA, MCA, Government of India Communication Department.

You must have understood from the above discussion that Java is a programming language used to meet a very large and very wide variety of needs. That's why learning Java is very important for your Professional Programming Career. But you can use different parts of Java better to meet different types of needs in the same situation when you use Java Core very You understand very well.

That is, the only way to mastery in Java is that your Core is Mastery in Java. That is why we have prepared a book "Java Programming Language in Hindi" for easy learning of "Java" Programming Language, which not only teaches you to do Programming in Java Language but also by increasing your knowledge of Core Java Advance also teaches how to use Java.

In this book, we have tried to explain the basics related to Java Applets, Java Applications, Java GUI with AWT, Java with Database and Java Networking in a very simple language, so that you can easily learn Java and a good Salary in a good company. To get the job easily.

That is, this book not only teaches you "Core Java", but also clarifies the important things related to various types of Advance Java Programming. If you want to become your Career in Java Programming Field, then this book is very useful and important for you. There is a book, which you must buy. Because from the above discussion you must have understood how much demand there is in the market of Java and how Java developers are needed to meet different types of needs.

Before buying the book, you can also read some of its SAMPLE CHAPTERS by downloading it as DEMO EBOOK, so that you can know how simple the book is written and how easily you can learn this "Java" Programming Language.

This book is in the form of PDF EBook, so you can not only read this book on your computer, but you can also read this book on any ADOBE Reader Supported Mobile Phone, Tablet PC, Netbook, Laptop and given in it By immediately copying the programs and examples, you can run them on your computer and see the effect of the program.
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